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Simpson Faculty Library Resources: Acquisitions

Information for the Simpson Faculty teaching traditional, online and hybrid courses

New Acquisitions

New Titles @Dunn: Monthly listing of new library materials, listed in Dewey call number order.  Faculty will receive this list via email with selectors noted.


Each department has a budget for the fiscal year beginning June 1.

  • Book orders can be made online through CHOICE Reviews Online, or on CHOICE cards sent to departments.
    • CHOICE cards may be sent back as order cards; put signatures at the top of the card.
  • Book order cards may be requested from the library. Print known information on the order card, including the ISBN, have it signed by your department chair and return it to the library.
  • If you need an item ordered immediately, write “rush” on the top of the card. 
  • We do not usually order textbooks or multiple copies.
  • Orders may also be sent via email or campus mail.
  • Requests will be checked against the CI-CCI holdings.


 All recommendations for additions or deletions of periodicals, newspapers, and annuals should be forwarded to the college librarian with the department chair’s approval.  Decisions are made by mid-August for the following calendar year.

Department chairs receive a listing of periodicals ordered by their department with the cost of each journal every spring.  An annual departmental review of Journals A-Z is a good starting point for recommending additions and deletions.

Since serials commit funds for several years, selection depends on several factors:

  • Is it available online?
  • Is it indexed in a resource available at Dunn Library?
  • Is it useful to undergraduates?


DVDs may be purchased from book funds. Items over $99 may be paid from a video fund; submit your request on a DVD Purchase form.

  • Films on Demand Master Academic Collection includes streaming online videos from Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Cambridge Educational, Meridian Education, and Shopware. Provides unlimited, instant access to programs in Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Science & Mathematics, Health & Medicine and Archival Films & Newsreels. These videos can be used for classroom teaching, research, presentations and educational multimedia projects as well links from course management systems.